And When I Rise: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass Tutorials

Dear friends,
What a wonderful day!  I am posting the choral parts for my arrangement of "And When I Rise" today, and I just received some great news... but first the choir parts:

You'll find video tutorials for each of the practice parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass) posted below. Be sure to look at the other post of "And When I Rise", to hear the solo and guitar parts. A lyrics sheet with guitar chords is located at the bottom of this post.

You may also download audio practice tracks of this song. They are available to anyone who offers a donation in support of my work here at Sangha Songs. Thank you!

This is me (Shane) up on the hill top at sunrise here on Vashon Island:

And now the great news! This morning I was so surprised and happy when I received a new video from Plum Village of the monastics singing my new choral arrangement for "And When I Rise!"

Last fall, Sr. Trai Nghiem of Plum Village visited us here on Vashon Island, and we gifted her a practice CD with all the parts for the new "And When I Rise" choral arrangement.  I think I see her on the left side in the video above!  And that's Br. Phap Linh conducting on the right -- the same brother who composed the beautiful music to the New Heart Sutra. We had the pleasure of meeting and playing music with them in 2014.  What a wonderful treat to see the Plum Village monastics singing this new choral arrangement so beautifully!  Thank you brothers and sisters!

If you would like to download audio practice recordings for this arrangement, they are available as a thank you gift to anyone who donates in support of our ongoing work here at SanghaSongs. Your generosity will bear fruit many times over as new Sangha Songs are shared around the world. Please donate here to receive access to the audio download page for "And When I Rise".

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Thank you to our teacher Thich Nhat Hanh who continues to inspire us, and to all the singers who have encouraged us to spread this music far and wide.